Supetarska Bay boat charter

At the entrance to the bay Supetar you will find three beautiful little islands; Mamanu, Srednjak and Sailovac. On the islands and near the coast there are sandy beaches. At the end of the bay there is the village Supetar. Today's church is a part of a benedictine monastery, abandoned in 16 century. This is the most precious roman monument of Quarner. In the church tower whose lower part is original, there are two bells, one of them from 1299 and it is the oldest one on the Croatian coast.

One and a half km away from the coast, in the middle of a field, there is the oldest church of this area, S.Peter's church, This church was built in 1059. Not long ago it was renovated and saved from decay.

In the bay bora and scirocco are very strong but do not create waves and therefore they are not dangerous. Danger comes from the north and the north-west. When coming from the south you have to pay attention to a shallow and rocky bank along the western cape of the island Maman. An unmarked reef 50m northeast of the island Srednjak is dangerous because it is not visible at high tide.
Apart from mooring in the marina, it is possible to anchor in entire bay. The best place for small boats is in the bay Dumići because it is protected from the north-west winds. The bottom is muddy and firm everywhere.

MCP boat charter will deliver your chartered boat to a location at Supetarska Bay.