Charter Management


Many think that becoming a yacht owner is nothing more than a dream. Wouldn't it be nice, to tako your family and cruise on your own yacht. You could visit beutiful islands, coves and romantic beaches, explore, search, see and perhaps find your special place in Adriatic..
Why haven't you tried to become a yacht owner before? Is it high prices or the costs of maintanance? Or maybe just becouse you don't have enogh experience in the field of yachting?!

We at MCP Yacht Charter offer you a great opportunity!


Shurely you are asuming that owning a yacht doesn't come cheap, and it's not only fun and satisfaction, and that it also brings obligationts, worries and costs. If you are not buying a yacht just for your own benefit of fun, but instead you are looking at it as an investment, we are recommending our CHARTER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM. With our program you not only preserve the value of your investment, but you also enlarge it. Our program also includes other benefits like  no hard work, no obligations and risk free, and as for the costs like mooring, maintanance, ensurance and so forth, they are being coverd from the very profit from the lease.

Charter management program also offers you to become a yacht owner with the possibility to get your investment within 5 to 6 years time. The very purpose and the general idea of our program is to enable you to buy a new yacht with minimum investment.

Giving your boat to charter has become popular and profitable business, especialy in Croatia. The charter business bloomed in the last 7 years, and it was the result of new quality laws that wiped out blach charter companies.


Using our charter management program the obligations regarding your vewssel are passed on into the hands of our MCP team. While under the contract  with us, you are allowed to use your boat for three weeks during the season, and for an unlimited period of time off the season.

The value of all the actual contracts is divided 67% in your behalf and 33% in our behalf. With your incomes you pay all the expenses regarding your vessel (maintanance, mooring, ensurance etc.), and we, with our incomes, pay marketing, booking, charter base organization and operative assigments.

In MCP charter management program is being successfully implemented for the last five years and it is followed with satisfaction of our clients and our company.
If you wish to buy a vessel and use the conditions of our charter management program, we are at your disposal and offer you all the latest from Beneteau, Sea Ray and Boston Whaler.


Once you have decided to buy  a boat, the first thing you need to do is to choose one. The offer of new boats on the market is vast, and you should take your time and take into consideration all the advantages and all the disadvantages.

When choosing a boat never forget what is it you are really needing and looking for. Beware not to get seduced by the idea of great profit- that is not charter management. You need to choose a boat you like, and the boat that suits the best to your needs and possibilities. We can advice you and we can take care of the paper work having your best interest in mind, but we can not make the decision for you.

When you have decided the boat you wish to buy, let our brokers help you find it. Regardless of the type of the boat you are looking for Sea Ray, Beneteau, or Boston Whaler our employes will recommend you the best possible model for you.


After managing the finances, you should now make a contract with MCP. In order to claim new property (or registrate a boat for the first time), you should either be a citizen of the Republic of Croatia or have a company registrated in Croatia. The law states that if you wish to charter your boat in Croatia you have to registrate it to a company, not to yourself personally. Unfortunately we can not make a registration for you.


After you have registrated your company, you are now closing the contract with the bank and the boat owner. Now that boat belongs to you, and you need to insure it and registrate it. In this matter we can help you. All the boats in charter are obligated to posess:

1.sailing permit
2. permit for usage of VHF
3. concession permit
4. collision insurance
5.contracted mooring


Once you have all the paperwork in place, we are now defining the terms of our contract - income division, rights and obligations of boath parties, time that you are allowed to use the boat etc. Once we have agreed on all the terms we sign the contract and we start to rent you boat.